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Convert Programm to Linux(Mint)
Author: Andreas
It seem that everything is starting over from scratch if binbar crashed for some reason - please save Database ie every 5 minutes
Author: Usenetguy
It should be possible to move downloads up and down - so user can choose download order
Author: Usenetguy
Remove the segments after successful extraction OR if the download failed with errors (maybe an option to disable the second for those who like to plug away forever at a target).
Author: Binbrick
Minimize BinBar to system tray
Author: Fullano7
Single letters or with modifier key. Mice are for the weak.
Author: Keysplease
Add more languages (DE, FR, NL, RU)
Author: John
Option: Turn off PC when downloading done
Author: John
again usefull for ppl so you can pauze your download (1 hour-2 hours) and resume when the timer goes to 0 (with a shutdown)
Author: Goldrider
Please rename and do not sub-folder downloads (or option). You have the PAR so rename to original would be much much better that current. Again still loving the program, just needs to grow a bit I think..... I also hate this captcha thing everytime
Author: Grib
Please add ability to move downloads up/down priority. And since I am trying to bust the system it allows me to add binary files to the download list (not nzb files)
Author: Grib
Please add as it allows to see how things are going. Percent bar or value is nice but you don`t get to see the articles and how many missing parts
Author: Gribley
Can you add a speedmeter when you download..this is usefull for ppl
Author: Goldrider
Check all segments for availability, before start downloading
Author: John