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It would be nice to add status, download speed and version to tooltip. Possibly make tooltip two line like: BinBar Status: downloading - 213 KB/s
Author: Mrkva
When idle show normal idle tray icon. When testing show testing tray icon. When downloading show downloading tray icon. It can be current B tray icon, with just "corner indication".
Author: Mrkva
When downloads are in progress show message "Downlods are in progress are you sure to exit?" Yes - No
Author: Mrkva
Add into settings option that when you click close button (X) BinBar minimize to tray.
Author: Mrkva
Ability to change your password on the site or within the application. Currently, passwords are created server-side and sent via insecure e-mail.
Author: Just Another Username
I'm constantly getting failed on postprocessing - extract. since there's no way to retry it I'm left with a useless row and forced to redownload
Author: Mikke
How about a portable installation for a thumb drive? Over at a friend's house and want to grab something real quick? Check out this awesome Binbar drive I've got!
Author: Akrabu
Make the Download Locations configurable, preferably with a browse selection to the right of the currently listed location.
Author: Bob Hurd
I'd like to be able to de-select Par2 files when they're not really needed.
Author: Madkinguk
At the moment you first download everything and then start unpacking. Could you start unpacking at the same time as downloading? When incomplete it can not work and you can cancel the unpack action.
Author: Brood
Would be nice to have a portable version I could keep on my thumb drive! It seems to be fairly portable already, but a version that does zero writes to the main drive and keeps everything self-contained would be great!
Author: Dru
Convert Programm to Linux(Mint)
Author: Andreas
It seem that everything is starting over from scratch if binbar crashed for some reason - please save Database ie every 5 minutes
Author: Usenetguy
It should be possible to move downloads up and down - so user can choose download order
Author: Usenetguy
Remove the segments after successful extraction OR if the download failed with errors (maybe an option to disable the second for those who like to plug away forever at a target).
Author: Binbrick
Minimize BinBar to system tray
Author: Fullano7
Single letters or with modifier key. Mice are for the weak.
Author: Keysplease
Add more languages (DE, FR, NL, RU)
Author: John
Option: Turn off PC when downloading done
Author: John
again usefull for ppl so you can pauze your download (1 hour-2 hours) and resume when the timer goes to 0 (with a shutdown)
Author: Goldrider
Please rename and do not sub-folder downloads (or option). You have the PAR so rename to original would be much much better that current. Again still loving the program, just needs to grow a bit I think..... I also hate this captcha thing everytime
Author: Grib
Please add ability to move downloads up/down priority. And since I am trying to bust the system it allows me to add binary files to the download list (not nzb files)
Author: Grib
Please add as it allows to see how things are going. Percent bar or value is nice but you don`t get to see the articles and how many missing parts
Author: Gribley
Can you add a speedmeter when you download..this is usefull for ppl
Author: Goldrider
Check all segments for availability, before start downloading
Author: John